Bellevue has excellent infrastructure, including our local transportation system, power supply network, water supply network, waste management, crime detection information systems, schools, libraries, hospitals, and fire fighters, all of which are essential. Smart city technology will integrate these valuable assets and resources to optimize the efficiency of city operations and services. This will become a reality thanks to 5G wireless technology.

  • Smart Transportation:  We cannot build unlimited roads, but adding intelligence into our vehicles, traffic lights, parking, and public transit can dramatically improve the efficiency of of all types of local transportation and reduce traffic congestion. Transportation safety will also be significantly improved.
  • Smart Public Safety: Emergency management can be greatly enhanced, which means that police and firefighter response time will be minimized, increasing the possibilities of more lives being saved.
  • Smart Utilities:  Energy use will be optimized; outages will be reduced and more easily repaired. Tons of water will be saved. By upgrading our current utilities we can efficiently accommodate our growing population, and will avoid the high cost of capacity expansion.