Public safety is one of JD’s top priorities. Controlling crime is a necessary prerequisite to improving the quality of life of neighborhoods and to a growing economy. Bellevue is a safe city, but it can be better.

  • Fully Support Law Enforcement: Our police officers work hard to protect and serve our city and our residents. They make sacrifices and take risks on a daily basis, and deserve our respect. We must support them in their work to ensure that our neighborhoods are safe. Police officers should be equipped with the latest tools and technology to enhance efficiency.
  • Public Safety Education: Safety education is very important, especially for new residents. It’s important to share crucial information and update neighborhoods on a regular basis. People should feel safe living in Bellevue and know what to do when unsafe situations arise.
  • No One is Above the Law: Bellevue is a great city, with more than 140,000 residents and many more visitors. Everyone should follow the same laws and rules, regardless of their status or background. This ensures Bellevue can stay healthy for our friends and families and attractive for future growth.