JD is up for the fiscal challenge of doing more with less. He will make sure that the taxpayer’s money will be used efficiently, and spent on valuable city functions. JD knows that he has limited resources, and will ensure that they are being spent wisely. Every dollar counts!

  • Keep Taxes Low: Our taxpayers work very hard to make a living and enjoy Bellevue. We must treat taxpayers’ contributions very seriously by working smart and working hard. Keeping taxes as low as possible is JD’s fiscal goal.
  • Prioritize Investments:  There are so many areas that need funds. Other than mandatory spending for municipal services for Bellevue residents, other investments need careful prioritization, and require a transparent process to make sure that neighborhoods’ voices are heard and considered.
  • The Importance of Cost-Benefit Analysis: We should fund projects with more benefits than costs. The city’s coffers are limited, so we should make good use of what we have. The expected outcome(s) of a program must be carefully examined to ensure that its worth the costs and our community will benefit.